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Medical Tourism in India


You've made a great start by deciding India to be the destination for your medical treatment. You won't repent it.

Close the window if you are searching for the cheapest medical facilities on our portal. Cost is not the parameter you should search the medical facilities with.

We are NOT JUST A facilitator to connect you with hospitals here. You can reach them yourself by searching for the best hospitals on

And the best part is, it's all for FREE.

We are here to provide you a service that you can rely on. At, we are a team of skilled, experienced professionals, focusing on providing quality healthcare services in India. We are associated with the most famous and prestigious hospitals, clinics, specialists, and doctors. We have selected the hospitals that are well-equipped with the finest infrastructure, modern equipment, trained support staff, and international standards of hygiene.

Our Services

Why KareOptions

KareOptions is just not another medical tourism company in India that connects you with the hospitals in India. The purpose is to offer you cost-effective, technology-based, safe and secure, and most importantly RELIABLE medical services to people across the world. KareOptions follows the highest degree of ethics, confidentiality, and international norms inpatient care.

Understanding the importance of well-being and good health, we commit to provide world-class Medical Care at affordable prices with the multi-super specialty hospitals across the country. Our team arranges hassle-free travel logistics, visa, transportation, surgery, hospitalization, and stay in India. We assist you right from the minute you decide to come to India through free medical consultancy, medical recovery, personal assistance, tours, and travel.

Another services

All the services that we provide to our patients.


Medical Second Opinion Service

Expert review of Current Diagnosis and treatment options


Continuity of Care

Continuous monitoring of your Treatment and Health Conditions along with your treating Physician


Second Opinion Board Review

A holistic multidisciplinary review by experts on your diagnosis and treatment plan