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When life strikes hard, and you are left to make serious medical decisions alone; KareOptions can help. We understand a serious or life-threatening medical diagnosis can be Overwhelming. You are left to make critical decisions that can have a serious impact on your health. Consulting with KareOptions for a Second Medical Opinion can help you better understand your condition and diagnosis and learn more about the treatment options.

Our remote second medical opinion service has no geographic limitation; our service brings the top medical expert from the leading institutions around the world to get answers to your questions.

How We Can Help

Being alone and unguided in times of need can be tasking. While you are mentally coming to terms with the diagnosis, meetings with the doctors, appearing for tests, and searching for the right cure is a lot for you to handle alone. Well, not anymore! When you appoint KareOptions to take a second medical opinion on your diagnosis or your prescribed line of treatment, we guide you to reach out to the best second opinion doctor for their expert opinion.

  •  satisfaction

    Evaluate New Diagnosis

  •  treatment

    Review Treatment Plan

  •  alternative_surgery

    Explore Alternative to Surgery

  •  therepy

    Compare Treatment Options and available therapies

  •  record

    Collect and perform comprehensive review of medical records

  •  testing_lab

    Recommend testing or labs for diagnosis confirmation

  •  best-treatement

    Recommend best possible treatment option

  •  quality_treatment

    Refer to facilities or specialists for quality treatment

Why Us

Our personalized report not only quotes the expert opinion but also helps your primary physician make corrective changes to your treatment if required.

And the best part is, we keep this entire interaction easy for you at the comfort of your home, at your convenience through our simple, easy-to-use online platform.

  • Seamless User Friendly Technology
  • Leading Medical Experts from US and India
  • 4 day turnaround time
  • Record collection and summarization worldwide
  • Medical Trained case navigator
  • Relation with leading medical facility for treatment options
  • Multi-Specialty Board review

Our Process

Our priorities are making the correct diagnosis, recommending an effective treatment plan, and in some cases identifying the best facilities for the patients to receive the best care. Every patient receives a personalized report. Our written reports provide a clear understanding of what is happening, a path for the future, and a direction for treating physicians to help everyone move forward with confidence.

  • 1

    Request a Service

    Choose one of our service and register your account

  • 2

    Create a patient record

    Provide basic medical history

  •  rotation

    Medical Coordinator is assigned

    Work with the coordinator to provide comprehensive medical records.
    Appointment is setup if necessary, with the specialist.
    Specialist reviews the report, provides the opinion, and answers patient’s question.

  •  manage

    Receive written report

    Coordinator discusses the report with the caretaker

  •  consult

    Post consultation follow-up

    Coordinator follows after the report for any other questions or care coordination

Our Specialities

We cover all specialties, with deep expertise in Oncology, Cardiology, Mental Health, and Rare Diseases. All our physicians have many years of experience at top hospitals and are Board Certified in their respective specialties.

Our Doctors

Our Mission is to improve customer's quality of life by driving certainty in medical diagnosis and enabling the best possible treatment option and that's the reason why we partner with highly specialized physicians from the nation’s leading hospitals and centers of excellence to provide you with expert guidance.

Let's Work Together

Whether you're a patient looking for better treatment options or a Business trying to improve the health of employees or a leading expert in the medical field, KareOptions service is the perfect fit for you.

For Patients

Patients find our services convenient, hassle-free, and easy. Our care coordinator works closely with the patients across the Globe. Try our services and get answers to your questions.

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For Business

Businesses across India and U.S partner with KareOptions to provide complete support for easy and convenient healthcare services

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For Physicians

World's best physician love to associate themselves with KareOptions to service patients across the Globe

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