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The health industry is losing hundreds of billions of dollars from misdiagnosis alone, creating a lasting impact on patients.

Request a Second Opinion on your diagnosis or treatment plan

According to studies cited by the National Centre for Policy Analysis, an estimated 10-20 percent of cases are misdiagnosed, occasionally causing death or permanent disability.

Do not let yourself or your loved ones to be victims of misdiagnosis; Request a Second Opinion on your diagnosis or treatment plan. One in Seven patients who reached out for second opinion had change in Diagnosis………….Why Wait?

About us
Request a Second Opinion on your diagnosis or treatment plan
About Us

How we select our Physician

We partner with highly specialized physicians from the nation’s leading hospitals and centres of excellence to provide you with expert guidance. We cover all specialties, with deep expertise in oncology and rare diseases. All our physicians have many years of experience at top hospitals and Board Certified in their respective specialties.

  • Affiliation with the top hospitals and centres of excellence
  • Many Years of Practice experience
  • Education and clinical training
  • Research and Publications
  • Recommendations from other Physicians or Patients
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Our services

All the services that we provide to our patients.

Medical Second Opinion Service


Medical Second Opinion Service

Expert review of Current Diagnosis and treatment options

Continuity of Care


Continuity of Care

Continuous monitoring of your Treatment and Health Conditions along with your treating Physician

Second Opinion Board Review


Second Opinion Board Review

A holistic multidisciplinary review by experts on your diagnosis and treatment plan

Transfer of Care Coordination


Transfer of Care Coordination

Coordination of the treatment plan at world class facility