Why Second Opinion Matters?

Changed Diagnosis (14.8%)
Change in Treatment Plan (37.4%)
Experienced Doctors
Experienced Doctors
Satisfied with Experience (94.7%)

A Correct Diagnosis is the Key to Better Treatment!

We have probably all heard of stories where a friend is receiving treatment for his conditions but it hasn’t really helped, or someone was already treated for cancer but later cancer is re-diagnosed in other parts of the body.

Then how do one ensure that the patient is getting right treatment for his or her condition? Answer lies in practitioner’s ability to screen out an accurate diagnosis -- A holistic approach of looking at all symptoms instead of focusing only on acute symptoms is the key for correct diagnosis.

We believe diagnosis is more important than ever before because the patient has so much to lose when there is a misdiagnosis. A diagnostic error may result in the patient being denied timely, effective therapy or being administered potentially toxic, incorrect medications. Where a prompt treatment could have returned a patient to full health, the consequences of a wrong diagnosis can be devastating and costly. Getting the right diagnosis is key for correct treatment.

At KareOptions, patients are central to the solution and collaboration among the staff along with the leading physician will lead to better diagnosis. In 15% of cases Second Opinion results in changed diagnosis. We have a culture that welcomes the diagnostic dialogue. Ours experienced physicians uses clinical reasoning and analytical thinking to make a diagnosis recommendation.

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Get answers to your un-answered questions.

Our priorities are making the correct diagnosis, recommending an effective treatment plan, and in some cases identifying the best facilities for patients to receive care.

Each situation presents its own challenges that is why we connect patients to knowledgeable Physician and leading experts from around the world who collaborate on delivering optimal medical care. Our virtual second opinion service provide access to leading thought leaders in their fields.

Patient will be given opportunity to ask any question related to their condition and our physicians will provide a best answer possible. Comprehensive written reports and access to medical information online help each patient understand details of their case.

Every patient receives a personalized report. Our written reports provide a clear understanding of what’s happening, a path for the future, and direction for treating physicians to help everyone move forward with confidence.

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Qualified Doctors

Unbiased Opinion about the best treatment Option.

Often the physicians diagnosing the disease may be the treating physicians, their treatment plan may be limited by the facilities and support available locally.

Our physicians are not biased by any monetary benefits or local limits. Our can recommend the best treatment plan based on your conditions and personal situation.

If required, our medical coordinators can find you the best facility for your treatment plans.

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